Neon Positives In 2010 the UL Authority rated neon as the greenest lighting source in the world Neon life expectancy is 100,000 hours but is known to work for over 30 years. Neon is powered by a very low current measured in 1000's of an amp making it energy efficient Neon is powered by a very low current measured in 1000's of an amp making it one of the safest forms of power Neon is made of natural products Glass & Atmospheric gases we breathe in these gases Neon is 100 % recyclable Neon has a 360 degree light output Neon is a continuous stream of light Neon is made in layers giving a natural writing effect Neon is hand crafted by Artisans Neon power supplies come with safety switches (OCM) which switch the power off if the neon is broken Neon power supplies come with a power point ready to plug into a socket. Neon is cool to the touch, No it won’t break if you do Neon can purchased completely covered in a Acrylic case which are a hang & plug in model. What about LED’s  I’ll give you the good news first. LED bulbs are indeed energy efficient. End of good news.!!! The bad news is that they are not in any way a better choice than CFLs for your health or the environment. How depressing!  LED bulbs Contain Toxic Heavy Metals A study by the University of California Irvine found LED bulbs to be loaded with lead, arsenic, and/or nickel. These heavy metals are used to create the LED artificial light. . The high intensity red LED bulbs used in full spectrum infrared saunas contained the most arsenic. Low intensity red lights had high amounts of lead. White bulbs used for home lighting had lower amounts of lead but worrisome levels of nickel. LED light bulbs are not as fragile or likely to break in the home environment, However, LEDs still need to be treated as hazardous waste. Broken bulbs in landfills threaten soil and groundwater with contamination. Similarly, anyone unfortunate enough to break a LED bulb is advised to don a mask and gloves and sweep up the hazardous mess with a specially made broom.  The team of scientists also recommended safety gear for crews who respond to car crashes as LED technology is utilized for car headlights and traffic lights now. Sourced form